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Corporate Insurance
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Business owners and managers face a wide variety of exposures, some of which are insurable and some that are not. Our team of specialists has hundreds of years of combined experience that are available, as may be needed, to provide fully supportive risk management assistance in order to help make our clients’ businesses successful.

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Employee Benefits & Estate Planning
A Personalised Plan

Our business clients are fortunate to have been able to build, and manage, their important business successes to various levels. We have an excellent team of employee benefit plan specialists whose significant experience is put to work designing a plan that is perfect for each client.

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Property Managment
Demonstrate Commitment

We are immensely proud of our Canadian trade marked Take Cover insurance program for professional property managers and their building owner clients. Take Cover is an insurance program that you can rely on confident that your buildings will be fully insured and well looked after when the unexpected strikes.

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Take Cover Insurance & Risk Management

We Understand The Complexities of Insurance & Risk Management

It is very common for us to think of insurance as a commodity. Over 1/3 of insurance buyers believe, at the time of purchase, that the only difference between insurers is the cost. Why not, therefore, just take the least expensive option. Businesses are active entities that engage in many different kinds of activity. Often these involve complicated agreements in areas such as leasing, supply sourcing, product and service deliveries to customers, cooperative partnerships, arms length contractors, government requirements just to mention a few. Our team understands the world of contracts and is able to separate unnecessary exposures by recommending changes, eliminating certain exposures and arranging for the insuring of others. Supporting corporate clients is not just the act of arranging insurance, it is a complete package of services that involves being a part of the management team with a focus on protecting the client company from unnecessary exposures through the use of various techniques.

The Insurance Industry Is A Complex One

In North America, insurance is the authoritative domain of the states and provinces. This creates a complex web of insurer options that require the insurance broker to be fully aware of a client’s options. While a local business needs not concern itself with out-of-state or out-of-province regulatory restrictions, any business activity beyond “home turf” makes insurance and risk management more complicated. Business owners and managers need to understand their options when they “cross the border” to do business. Our team is experienced in advising clients in this area, including insurance and risk management issues that arise in other countries around the world. We have excellent access to specialists who are available, at all times, to work with us when our clients venture on to foreign soil in the pursuit of opportunity.

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We are part of an international network of insurance offices throughout the world and work in local and foreign jurisdictions with close partners whose expertise is reliably available top our clients at all times.

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We Know The Needs of Property Mangers

For many years, our experienced team has been successfully looking after the insurance and risk management issues of building owners and their property managers. We welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and encourage you to contact us. Insurance is not a commodity, it is a complex service that needs to put your property back in to the condition that it was in before the unexpected loss took place. Having to subsidize a claim, from your own funds, is nothing more than an indication that your present insurance arrangement is flawed. We will happily answer your questions any time.


Revenue producing properties, single, multiple or even condominium sites are important to us and a feature part of our trade marked Take Cover insurance program. We would be happy to introduce it to you.


There are many different types of revenue producing commercial buildings, each with its own special features. Take Cover is uniquely designed to look after any commercial building, regardless of type.


Your office building is one that you are proud of. Take Cover will protect this important asset so that any loss is quickly handled by our claims experts to ensure that your business tenants can get back to work promptly.


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