Financial Planning

We are very proud of our team of financial experts. Their many years of experience are available to assist our client friends in dealing with the important financial issues that can arise from taxation, succession, partnerships and health protection. These can be very complicated and require a “team” approach that may include consultation with your accountants and, in certain situations, your lawyers. Solutions can take many forms, from properly executed legal and tax strategies to the prudent use of sensibly priced insurance products available from brand name life insurance carriers. We begin by having you help us to develop an overview of your financial concerns and what your goals are. From there, we bring our team together with your legal and tax advisors in order to arrive at a sensible and tax effective plan to achieve these goals. Whether it be asset protection, asset transfer, inheritance or health protection, we work with you and any other members of your advisory team to deliver sensible solutions that make sense.

Tax Strategies

Many of our clients are self employed and operate their own companies, either solely or in partnerships. Business owners often take more time looking after their client and customer needs than they do their own. Reducing tax obligations is every entrepreneur’s goal, whether it be personal tax or corporate tax. Effective tax strategies are crucial to the preservation of wealth. Some of these are implemented within the individual’s business and others require the use of insurance tools. Finding ways to avoid tax, legally and effectively, is a goal that we all embrace and our team of experts can assist.

Life Insurance Products

Where the prudent use of reputable life insurance products is warranted, we look at the suitability of what is offered by Canada’s top tier insurance companies, Great West, Sun and Manulife, to whom we have direct access. The variety of available insurance products can be overwhelmingly confusing. It takes seasoned experts to scan the insurance shelves and find those products that are suitable for the strategy being implemented. We assist you in applying for the right products and how to best pay for them at the lowest possible tax rates, personally and/or corporately.

Group Benefits for Individuals and Corporations

Our health and dental benefit plan options will fit any budget. Our experts can design an entry level plan for individuals or employee groups wishing to secure benefits that look after their important needs without spending valuable resources on unnecessary frills. We always recommend a basic plan to first time buyers. Improving a plan is easy; rolling benefits back is quite a different story. For those who need a high end benefit plan, we are able to add (to name just a few) disability protection, critical illness protection, and even the costs of care in one’s private home or a recognized care facility. Many employers do not have a clear understanding of the limits of government (OHIP) backed health insurance. For a quick look at the fundamentals of OHIP protection, click on “What OHIP Covers” so that you can determine the suitability of a group or private benefits plan for you and those for whom you are responsible.

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